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The IASIM-12 meeting was split into two separate but related meetings, a truly interactive hands-on workshop (Hyperfest), and a scientific conference.

IASIM Hyperfest Workshop
September 9 – 12, 2012
Three days of intensive hands-on interactive number-crunching in a relaxing picturesque remote location of Latvia. International analysis experts presented general research topics, followed by individual and group activities with real hyperspectral data:
• Federico Marini – Multivariate Classification
• Anna de Juan – Multivariate Curve Resolution
• James Burger – Exploratory Image Analysis
• Jeremy Shaver – Image De-cluttering and Texture Analysis.

IASIM Scientific Conference
September 12 – 14, 2012
This IASIM meeting included two full days of scientific sessions covering all aspects of spectral imaging. Topics included:

• Imaging instrumentation
• Spatial / Spectral analysis algorithms
• Feature identification or quantification
• Real-time image processing
• Data compression and transformation
• Multispectral / Hyperspectral applications

Technical sessions included presentations by invited speakers & opponents, short individual presentations, posters, and panel discussions from members of the imaging community.

This two-day scientific conference was held in the Latvian beach resort area of Jurmala.

Conference Chairman

James Burger
BurgerMetrics SIA
Riga, Latvia


Inese Suija Markova
Institute for Environmental Solutions
Cesis, Latvia

Scientific Committee

• Vincent Baeten (Walloon Agricultural Research Centre CRA-W, Gembloux, Belgium)
• James Burger (BurgerMetrics, Riga, Latvia)
• Anna de Juan (Universitat de Barcelona, Spain)
• Gerard Downey (Teagasc, Dublin, Ireland)
• Gerda Edelman (AMC, Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
• Juan Antonio Fernandez (Walloon Agricultural Research Centre CRA-W, Gembloux, Belgium)
• Neal Gallagher (Eigenvector Research, Wenatchee, WA, USA)
• Paul Geladi (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Umea, Sweden)
• Aoife Gowen (University College Dublin, Ireland)
• Sergey V. Kucheryavskiy (Alborg University Esbjerg, Denmark)
• Paolo Oliveri (University of Genova, Italy)
• Bosoon Park (United States Department of Agriculture, Athens, Georgia, USA)

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